MDriven Turnkey

MDriven Turnkey is a new way to develop internet applications.

Based on proven technologies like JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, MDriven Framework, Azure and SQLServer.

If you are an information architect targeting a specific domain you will appreciate that MDriven Turnkey will do as you say and produce a responsive html-5 fully ajax implemented web based application with social login in just minutes and that MDriven Turnkey will help you to refine it iteration by iteration even if they are only minutes apart. This will allow you to test and verify ideas and produce robust systems for your existing domain or take on system development for new domains.

With MDriven Turnkey you can easily switch to more technical development with Visual Studio and MDriven Framework – but our aim is that you will not have to. In visual Studio you will be amazed how your complete model and your viewmodels are available as strongly typed c# code.

Know more about MDriven Turnkey Core - MDriven Model to MDriven Turnkey on .NET Core

The MDriven Framework has multiple patterns implemented to help with implementation of secure, scalable, enterprise wide, complex applications for any conceivable domain. With MDriven Turnkey you can be in the cloud with your information system later today. Your system will follow your model without deviation. Found issues are corrected in the model – model is uploaded to the supporting MDriven Server – and system is re-rendered and refreshed by a simple F5 in the browser.

You can follow along with the video playlist that describes MDriven turnkey found here