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Product choice help

Anyone can use the MDriven Designer to model requirements and prototype detailed information systems. You will not grow out of this product. Even if you use nothing else this product helps you to think about large complex interlocked requirements for any domain. MDriven Designer is free for use for models up to 50 information classes.

With MDriven Turnkey you can be in the cloud with your information system later today. Your system will follow your model without deviation. Found issues are corrected in the model – model is uploaded to the supporting MDriven Server – and system is re-rendered and refreshed by a simple F5 in the browser.

MDriven Framework offers more degrees of freedom – and as such is a harder product to master. It is recommended that you start with MDriven Designer, then MDriven Turnkey. MDriven Framework is the best choice if you have scenarios where Turnkey is not right like building a standalone app in a device like a Hololens, Android phone, IOs or some other reason.

MDriven Framework is is the best choice if you want to write c# code towards your domain model – the c# can replace OCL implementations of methods and derivations. Such c# domain layer code may integrate with anything you can reach from c#. A complete system produced with MDriven Framework can run standalone – but the domain layer (including c# code you have written) can be submitted to MDriven Turnkey to reach the product advantages available there (security model, AngularJS etc).

Use MDriven Server for your MDriven Framework projects if you want a cloud based server application that talk WCF (over https amongst other) and manage your model and database with zero hassle. The MDriven Server is included as a required component in MDriven Turnkey. It is optional in MDriven Framework. MDriven Server is included in active license for Turnkey or Framework.