Get going with MDriven

You're 5 minutes from running your Gist

1 Register in the portal

2 Apply sample system

3 Use it

1 How to register

Just head to the portal , register / sign in with your social account and request a demo site.

2 Apply system

Choose one of our 5 sample systems and apply it to your application in just few clicks.

3 Use it

Your application will be automatically deployed. Model, use, enjoy!

What's the Portal

The portal is the starting place for your model driven journey. It helps you get a site up and running in minutes. Launch the designer and request a site. Our deploy engine will pick up the request and deploy the site for you. Upload your favorite model and off you go! As your business evolves, the gist evolves and so does the site. Take your mind off the modernity and focus on the gist and fashion. Use the gist as the base for business inovation and collaborate with others. Use any version control tool to keep your gist in order. Scale as you see fit.

Deploy - test - update and deploy again. Faster, cheaper and with higher precision and quality than any agile dev-ops team. Unbeatable in both the short and especially in the long run.

The portal gives immediate access to your business to all of your stakeholders.

This is InfoOps. The portal is your way to it.