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Gist is your business specific knowledge.
It is your most important asset. It is a non-static thing – it lives and evolves. It will survive technology shifts and it will become more valuable over time.


Modernity is what we call everything that anchors your digitalization efforts in time. Tools and technologies you use will evolve and become obsolete very fast. Your Gist must not be hard-coded into this corrosive environment – but at the same time, you want to take full advantage of the best that technology can offer today.


Fashion is the styling of your using interface.
It is very important in order to get acceptance in your user base.You want to keep your fashion freedom and make it cheap and easy to upgrade this aspect of your system without involving modernity and gist. Keep your zazz away from engineers with MDriven!

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Traditional coding is ok - but slow to create - MDriven Turnkey is faster, easier to maintain and ensures consistent quality.

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