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We have created a multi-purpose platform to model and execute anything.
Use it to get robust tailored information systems that can grow forever without limits.

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About Us

MDriven World is based on the established model driven tecniques created by CapableObjects.com,
MDriven based solutions seperate the system Gist from the modernity and fashion and allows you to develop the 3 areas seperatly.
The effect of seperating the three very different aspects of system development gives amazing effects in form of productivity, robustness, speed and agility.

Our Story

Software developers can really grab you by the balls - and they can squeeze. But business information systems are a tad bit too important to risk any squeezing

To mitigate this risk you can separate the business knowhow from the tech knowhow
You can develop the gist of the system with business savvy persons and leave the tech part of the system - the modernity - to dedicated software developers.

This will make everyone happy - both the software developers and the business. It will also speed up both camps - so that you get more bang for the buck.

Separating the gist from the modernity enables the modernity to be reused for any system gist - the modernity will this way get more attention, testing and verification. The goal is zero bugs.
Focusing the gist on your business alone - instead of some generic wishy-washy - will be great for your productivity, worker satisfaction and in turn for your shareholders value.

Our Philosophy

Declarative outcome,
let the computers do the heavy lifting

Hans Karlsen
Hans Karlsen Full stack architect

Our Experience

Front End
Back End
UML Modeling
Classes in biggest model
ViewModels in biggest model

Our Team

We engage people that want to make a change - that want to make impact - that will not be discuraged by conservatives.

Hans Karlsen

Hans Karlsen


Architect - full stack - Developer - Happy camper

Lars Olofsson

Lars Olofsson


Architect - front end - also a happy camper

The Stig

The Stig


Architect - sales and project - yet another happy camper

If Software is design only - what are all those production teams doing? Hans Karlsen, Architect MDriven

Our Services

We bring you the future in software system delivery,
and we do it today


Model your information needs. Fold that information to views

Clean & Careful Progress

Catch the requirements as they come. Deliver a bit more functionality each day. Never stop

Document Knowledge

The model is always 100% equal to your running system - this is the perfect place to learn about your business as it evolves

Web First

All systems built with MDriven runs in a web-browser. You can also run them with Windows presentation foundation

Cloud bases

Systems run Microsoft Azure Cloud or on-premise if you want

Easy start

Everything you need within minutes



The wiki is constantly updated with knowledge important to our developers.


The portal.MDriven.net is where you maintain settings of your sites.

Our Latest Work

Information is core to everything - to every cool project you can think about

InformationExperience Hololens Coolest way to use 3D data - InformationExperience is on track!
Derma products There is a lot to keep track of when producing these
Returns management Information is essential to professionalism
Industry Digitalization knows no bordes
Snap of a finger Fast as your thought
Food Industry Production and wholesale - you need information
Biology Research and development - keeping track of data
Media Streaming movies around the globe with high bandwidth

Our Client Testimonials

Our Price

MDriven.net Turnkey is priced based on model complexity (number of classes and view models) and transaction volume

  • Starter

    • 50 Classes
    • Local installation
    • Local users
    • MDriven Designer
    • Free Goodies
    • 24/7 Email support
  • Professional

    $30 per month
    • Unlimited Classes
    • 1 Cloud site + self hosting
    • Unlimited users
    • MDriven Designer
    • History option
    • 24/7 Email support
  • Production

    $0.0X / transaction measured monthly
    • Unlimited Classes
    • 1 Cloud site + self hosting
    • Unlimited users
    • MDriven Designer
    • History option, geo-replication
    • 24/7 Email support, hotline
    • Complete platform and designer source code access option
  • Partner

    Mutually beneficial
    • Unlimited Classes
    • Self hosting
    • Unlimited users
    • MDriven Designer
    • History option, geo-replication
    • 24/7 Email support, hotline
    • Complete platform and designer source code access option


MDriven does everything the same way a system developer - that has read "all the books" - would do it. Is is not so much a black box as an industrial robot for software. We have built a tool that allows for construction of models that covers all aspects of the requirements you will want to pose on your system (MDriven Designer) - then we provide an Engine that follows your requirements to the hilt. It does not make it easier to see around corners to find your true future needs - but it gets you to the corner in seconds instead of months - so looking behind the corners of tomorrow can be done today. MDriven does not take ownership of your data - infact we do the opposite - we give you the means to really own your data.

Based on your model settings the framework design a fully normalized relational database. It uses naming from your model so you will have no trouble to navigate it with standard tools. You can use your own SQLServer machines and licensees for this or use ours. Since the model allows for inheritance and association classes - so does your generated db-schema. MDriven stores 2 tables with meta information about your model in the database - so that MDriven with precision can deduce what exact model that was used to generate it. This ability makes it possible for MDriven to produce evolve scripts from a new model version for your particular database. And that makes it possible for you to focus on requirements in your model and trust that MDriven will manage your new and existing data in production.

MDriven is a full stack tool. It produces everything needed for a normal LOB information system - from backend to frontend. You can add extra zazz to your frontend by designing UI's on your own. Your own UI's only need to tie into the information you designed with ViewModels in the model.

MDriven is built with c#. MDriven server bits are .net that runs in IIS. Frontend for browsers is handled - on a view by view choise of your own - either by AngularJS (javascript/typescript) or MVC. You can also do frontends with WindowsStore apps built with c# or VB.NET. You can actually consume the data from the MDriven turnkey backend with any existing frontend tool - but have not activly used others that the ones described.

Ok - we get that a lot from system developers that has not seen what we do with their own eyes. Being buried in details can make it almost impossible to see the very straight forward approach MDriven takes to do 100% of what is repetetive about your job - and how it raises the level of abstraction to make your every move count. Using our tools you will be more productive than what you can imagine. But hey - its a free world - we do not twist your arm - we are just saying that everyone gains from this and that it takes us further as a species.

Sparx is a modelling tool - just like MDriven Designer is a modelling tool. MDriven Designer has a "play" button that can execute a system instantly defined by your model. MDriven Designer has a cloud upload button that uploads the model to the MDriven Server. The MDriven Server along with MDriven Turnkey then executes your model and makes it indistinguishable from a handcrafted - fully tested - information system that would take you months or years to build by hand.

Information & Education

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Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are looking for partners and clients around the globe.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch with us.

Maybe you want to create solutions for licensing to others - you can do so easily with our platform - we will even help you collect your end user payment.
Maybe you want to use our platform for business support in your organization - you can do so easily - hosted on site or in the cloud.

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